Narrative Essay

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a story of a past event. A narrator gives the story in their own words and perspective. If you are asked to write a narrator essay, you can choose an interesting vacation you had. A narrative essay should be fun, exciting, and interesting to intrigue your readers. Boldness and careful choice of words should be observed.

What Should a Narrative Essay Include?

First Person Perspective. This is a very crucial rule, a narrative essay is writing in the first person. The writer is part of the story, and retelling it.

Storytelling Elements. When writing a narrative say, you need to observe storytelling elements. Although you have to describe a long vacation in a few words, make it exciting by switching places. Also, unfold the events of the story in a logical order. That is, have a great start, followed by the main events and a strong finish.

Characters. Readers want something they can relate to, having characters in your essay makes it easy to show emotions, behavior, and actions.

Central Theme. Have a central motif for your narrative essay. This helps you stay aligned to the objective of your narration. Refer to your theme regularly, and build it up in your text.

Dialogue. The purpose of dialogue in your narrative essay is to bring out the behavior of your characters and to make them appear real. Dialogue should be mostly from the important characters. Their interactions spice up the essay.

How to Structure and Write Your Narrative Essay

Now that you understand what a narrative essay should include let us take you through the structure of a narrative essay. It is easy and straightforward, but all parts should be kept interesting to keep the reader hooked.

Introduction. The introduction gives the writer a chance to explain to their readers the purpose and motive of their story. It should explain the motive of the story, and mention the place of the event and the main characters of the story.

Body. This is the main part of your story, where you unfold the events of your story. Ensure you make good use of descriptive language where necessary; you want your readers to have the image of what you are talking about in their mind.

Conclusion. A conclusion should be brief and informative. It is a small summary of the whole narration. You can mention the moral of your story in this paragraph or call for action from the reader.

What Topics Could Be Suitable for a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay can be anything you consider a personal experience. Choose something interesting and exciting in your life, and get creative. Here are a few topics you may consider when writing a narrative essay;

  • A family gathering
  • Childhood Memories
  • A romantic encounter
  • A party
  • A holiday
  • A seasonal event such as Christmas day
  • An incident at work or college
  • A sporting event

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