Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our clients at Here are a few principles that inform our privacy policy;

  • We carefully collect and store the data of our clients
  • We do not store the personal data of our client longer than the law allows
  • Our clients are aware and in control of their personal information on our website
  • Our clients have the rights to understand why we collect, store and use their personal data

How Can We Get Your Personal Data?

There are two ways through which we can access your personal data. One is when we get the information from you with your own consent, and the other way is from third parties (partners) whom you have allowed to share your personal details. There are also some details that we get the moment you visit our site, they include;

  • Your IP address
  • The duration of time you stay on our site
  • Detailed information on the device you use to access our site
  • What you do on our site

The Rationale for Collecting the Personal Data of Our Clients

  1. Collecting the details of the residence of our clients helps us in verification of identity, calculation of taxes especially VAT, and preventing your account from being used for illegal activities.
  2. Details on your personal email address give us a way to communicate with you. We may use the email details to send you promotions and adverts that may interest you.
  3. Collection of the identity details helps us avoid fraudsters by confirming we are dealing with honest individuals only.
  4. Collecting your phone number helps support reach you when we need to communicate about your orders and verify your identity.

In General, we collect our clients’ personal data for the following purposes;

  • To meet our legal requirements
  • To improve our services
  • To be able to share relevant information with you.
  • To be able to deliver the products you request from us

Sharing of Personal Information

At we do not share the personal data of our clients without their permission. The only time we share the personal data of our client is in an anonymized form. When data is aggregated, it translates to statistics. It is impossible to get any personal information of a client in this form; the third parties also have their privacy policy. We could also share the data of our clients for legal purposes.

Safety of your Passwords

Our clients may require passwords navigating certain parts of our websites such as their accounts. We discourage sharing of passwords and advise clients to change their password when they see any unusual activities on their site.

Right to Decline Provision of Personal Data

Our clients have the right to refuse to offer their personal information. It is, however, important to note that it is through the provision of the personal data that you get into an agreement with Refusal to share your personal information may, therefore, lead us to decline you as our client. Following the failed agreement, you may not be able to visit some of our pages.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies to personalize the experience of our clients when they visit our site and remember them when they visit us again. Use of cookies also helps us in customizing our services. Other general uses of cookies on our website include; marketing, security, authentication and determining how best our site suits our clients. Again, our visitors have the right to decline or accept cookies.

Protection of Your Personal Information

You do not have to worry about your personal information security on our site, or credit/debit cards when paying for our services. has taken intentional precautions to ensure no authorized individuals access the data of our clients. We use SSL Technology to protect the data of our clients. We have also taken measures in our departments by setting boundaries on who accesses the data of the clients.

Although the internet has many flaws and nothing is ever too sure, we do our best to keep your information safe. It is our objective and responsibility to see none of our clients’ personal data is compromised.

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