Terms and Conditions

The provisions and stipulations direct the advent and manifestation of Grandessay.com by the clients. This webresidence is a quality of Grandessay.com. By using our website, you comport to the flourish the T&C.

1.    Definitions.

  • Services- This comprises total the ctotal that our transcribers total coercion you.
  • Provisions and Stipulations- Note that the T&C to-boot comprise the secrecy administerment and specie tail answer-for policy.
  • Writer- an individual brought on consultation by our aggregation to total your enactments.  The transcribers effort lower our supervision to do your exploration and transcribe your article.
  • A client, Manifestationr or You- An individual or legitimate life that is registered on our residence as the manifestationr, and uploads, submits, proffers and finds enclosements on our website. As a client, you comport to our T&C.
  • Account- This is the part of the webresidence that is left coercion social advent, clients peculiarize their accounts through email and password.
  • Order- An electronic desire from a client to total an enactment. It contains total the references, documents, and instructions that scarcity to be observed.
  • We, Us or Ours- Refers to our aggregation; Grandessay.com

PS: Any controvert that may commence from the misunderstanding of any provisions achieve be explaind using the Oxford Dictionary.

2.    Registration. Registration on our residence is generous.  We consider it a transposition when clients manifestation sophistical counsel when joining our site. Total counsel should be servile and up to epoch.

3.    Enjoin Placement

Placing an enjoin in Grandessay.com is free. Succeeding placing an enjoin, transcribers initiate their profferding

  • Writer Enactment. This is the transcriber who specializes in the scene of the client’s drudgery. The transcriber communicates with the client to gain total the details of the enjoin. The brace parties can co-operate through the messaging molehill lower integral enjoin.
  • Messaging method. We manifestation the messaging on our residence to co-operate with twain the clients and transcribers. Clients are advised to sculmination their messages regularly true in instance the transcribers impress a culminationic that may be employment them from completing the enactment. Transcribers and clients are prohibited from sharing peculiar counsel, e.g., email addresses.

4.    Stateation Details

Understanding the provisions manifestationd in the representation can succor you continue course of your enjoin’s movement. Here is the meaning of the deep provisions in your stateation;

  • Manage- At the culmination of the representation is the administer molehill that gives you the im-munity of powerful your order. You can manifestation the molehill to expunge an enjoin or delete the totald call in your mark.
  • Place Enjoin- Clicking the Place Enjoin molehills gives you a coercionm that simplifies your effort when entering enjoin details.
  • Pending- Immediately you upload your enjoin, it shows in pending. This instrument you impress referable attributable attributable attributable compensated coercion the order.
  • Available- This condition shows the ctotal that impress been compensated, and is advantageous coercion transcribers to proffer.
  • Assigned- This condition involves ctotal that are compensated, and smitten by transcribers. In instance you find enclosement and ignore your effort in this condition, you impress a proper to culminationic the livelihood.
  • In movement- Ctotal in this condition are in the mode of life totald.
  • Revision- The condition involves ctotal that impress been totald and sent to you, except you impress you scarcity some corrections or inferitions.
  • Editing- Ctotal in this condition are total and are life stoped coercion close and plagiarism issues.
  • Completed- These are ctotal that the transcriber has perfect and submitted. At this juncture, clients may crave coercion alterations.
  • Approved- This is succeeding total alterations and clients are amiable with the effort.
  • Dispute- This is an enjoin that twain the transcriber and clients do referable attributable attributable attributable comport on; it could be that the client wants a alteration, and the transcriber is impressing exploited. It is the function of livelihood to explain controverts.

5.    Enjoin Enclosement

  • Placing an enjoin on our webresidence is generous. However, succeeding you recognize a proffer, you are claimd to enclose coercion the transcribers to initiate explorationing your enactment. Succeeding brace weeks, succeeding the deadline, the transcriber is compensated, the im-munity of generous alterations is lifted.
  • If you safety your specie in our stateation and flow you do referable attributable attributable attributable omission to effort with us, we can restable your payments. Kindly re-examination our specie restable answer-restraint administerment.
  • You are imperative coercion paying any taxes that may end with using our services, including the Value Added Tax.
  • The dregs of the client may claim us to infer some extra fee, in such instances, we combine up the bill together with the enjoin absorb.
  • By using our website, you comport to enclose the taxes among our cognizance.

6.    Enjoin Modeing

  • If a client scarcitys utilization of inequitable materials or references in their enjoin, they should procure total the media to the transcriber.
  • Clients are advised to take the start to co-operate with the staff or transcribers when their call are in movement.
  • In instance you verify you sent the injustice documents or scarcity to find any alters, you can alter the details as crave as you do it in good-tempered-tempered space. Alters dedicated when the transcriber is done with the exploration and commenced with the effort are unusual.
  • Clients can to-boot manifestation their stateation to course the movement of their enjoin.
  • A page is equiponderant to 275 language, in instance a client receives their enjoin with the number of language they never enjoined, they can desire coercion alteration.

7.    Enjoin Delivery

  • Grandessay.com is imperative coercion the delivery of the client’s enjoin.
  • It is the business of the client to fix they procure the proper email or any details of the delivery implement. Grandessay.com achieve referable attributable attributable attributable be stateationable coercion a failed delivery as a end of the injustice inferress procured. Delay as a end of tedious internet does referable attributable attributable attributable impress everything to do with us.
  • Succeeding we upload the enjoin coercion the client in the comportd space, the client has to download the documents.

8.    Alteration Administerment

  • A client has a proper to desire coercion alteration if they impress their instructions were referable attributable attributable attributable flourished to the letter.
  • We impress a proper to reject multiple uncalled-control alterations if the client lookms to be exploiting our transcriber.
  • We are imperative to ensuring that the claimments of the clients are observed. However, if the client does referable attributable attributable attributable charity the developed enactment delivered, and impress their propers impress been infringed, we restable specie flourishing our specie tail answer-for.

10.    Peculiar Data and enclosement counsel: manifestation and security

On further counsel on the peculiar details we congregate from you, how we manifestation the counsel, and how we shield the information; scrutinize our Secrecy Administerment. 

11.    Stateation counsel and security

  • When registering in our website, we crave you to procure your email inferress and select a password.
  • A client should continue their logins enclose, and continue it a obscure.
  • Any impressivities that happen in your stateation are associated with the client. You are advised to alter the password of your stateation if you verify everything mitigated.
  • If you coerciongain your password, click the “forgot password” molehill, a scant details are craveed to verify it’s you.

12.    Manifestation of Grandessay.com, conclusion, and suspension.

  • You are totalowed to only manifestation our residence coercion peculiar scarcitys and referable attributable attributable attributable commercial purposes.
  • It is resisting our provisions and stipulations to manifestation our webresidence coercion illegitimate purposes such as;
    • Dissemination of gruff, defamatory or indelicate materials or breaching modes.   
    • Transmitting materials that tolerate fury or breaks any ry rules.
    • Inconveniencing other manifestationrs. 
  • Transferring or manifestation of another agent’s effort extraneously copyhues or tolerateance from the proprietor.
  • If a client infringes any of the aloft T&C, they are biased coercion any damagees or impairment that ends with the transposition.
  • The livelihood may terminate your community on the webresidence due to the transposition of any T&C.
  • If we imagine any unusual activities in your stateation, we may flow to stop your stateation as we investigate it. This is to neutralize any impairment the impressivities may principle.
  • In instance the livelihood realizes you are trying to poach our transcribers by craveing them to effort with you separately, we achieve look it as a transposition of our T&C.

13.    Intellectual Quality Propers (“IPRs”)

  • Clients impress full copyproper succeeding they enclose coercion the documents our transcribers exhaust.
  • Our clients are totalowed to referableify, cast or manifestation the counsel in whatever habit they craving succeeding making enclosements coercion the services.
  • IPRs in any materials that you yield to us. We are going to trust you stateationable coercion any damagees we may tolerate by providing us with counsel that infringes the copyhues of another agent. It is the business of the client to look that the references, do referable attributable attributable attributable infringe any ry mode.
  • IPRs on the Website. Any intellectual quality on this webresidence is licensed to us or admited by us.
  • Counsel on our residence is referable attributable attributable attributable reported coercion make-over to any manifestationr
  • Unless expressly permitted by our T&Cs apish or downloading any counsel on our residence is considered a transposition.

14.    Disclaimer and Limitation of liability

  • Grandessay.com does referable attributable attributable promise the manifestationrs that the webresidence achieve coalesce total their scarcitys. In instance your computer does referable attributable attributable attributable livelihood some equipment and technology; your advent to some of our services may be poor.
  • Our webresidence is only accessible using the World Wide Web. However, it is fractions of us, and you manifestation it at your admit endanger. We do referable attributable attributable attributable state that the World Wide is appropriate.
  • Grandessay.com may impress hyperlinks from other parties. You are advised to re-examination their T&C before using them, or yielding them with your peculiar details. We are referable attributable attributable imperative coercion any damage you may meet from the manifestation of the third laterality residences.
  • In no instance achieve we be imperative coercion the alter on our website.

15.     Miscellaneous

If you bridge any of our provisions and stipulations and referable attributable attributable attributable impress, we are totalowed to rescrutinize it and chastise you succeeding committing a similar or opposed transposition.

16.  Referable attributable attributableices.

 All the referable attributable attributableices you may impress coercion us should be made through the livelihood messaging unless stated otherwise in the aloft T&C.

In instance we scarcity to referable attributable attributableify you encircling everything we achieve manifestation your peculiar stateation page, email inferress or parade it on our webresidence depending on the affection of the assertion.

17.    Contimpress Details

In instance you impress further queries encircling our site, click the “Contimpress Us” molehill and email us your culminationics. Our livelihood operates 24/7.


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