Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions govern the access and use of Grandessay.com by the clients. This website is a property of Grandessay.com. By using our website, you agree to the follow the T&C.

1.    Definitions.

  • Services- This includes all the orders that our writers complete for you.
  • Terms and Conditions- Note that the T&C also include the privacy policy and money back guarantee policy.
  • Writer- an individual brought on board by our company to complete your assignments.  The writers work under our supervision to do your research and write your paper.
  • A client, User or You- An individual or legal entity that is registered on our site as the user, and uploads, submits, bids and makes payments on our website. As a client, you agree to our T&C.
  • Account- This is the part of the website that is left for public access, clients personalize their accounts through email and password.
  • Order- An electronic request from a client to complete an assignment. It contains all the references, documents, and instructions that need to be observed.
  • We, Us or Ours- Refers to our company; Grandessay.com

PS: Any dispute that may arise from the misunderstanding of any terms will be solved using the Oxford Dictionary.

2.    Registration. Registration on our site is free.  We consider it a violation when clients use false information when joining our site. All information should be accurate and up to date.

3.    Order Placement

Placing an order in Grandessay.com is free. After placing an order, writers begin their bidding

  • Writer Assignment. This is the writer who specializes in the field of the client’s job. The writer communicates with the client to get all the details of the order. The two parties can communicate through the messaging button under every order.
  • Messaging system. We use the messaging on our site to communicate with both the clients and writers. Clients are advised to check their messages regularly just in case the writers have a question that may be holding them from completing the assignment. Writers and clients are prohibited from sharing personal information, e.g., email addresses.

4.    Account Details

Understanding the terms used in the account can help you keep track of your order’s progress. Here is the meaning of the main terms in your account;

  • Manage- At the top of the account is the manage button that gives you the liberty of controlling your order. You can use the button to cancel an order or delete the completed orders in your profile.
  • Place Order- Clicking the Place Order buttons gives you a form that simplifies your work when entering order details.
  • Pending- Immediately you upload your order, it shows in pending. This means you have not paid for the order.
  • Available- This category shows the orders that have been paid, and is available for writers to bid.
  • Assigned- This category involves orders that are paid, and taken by writers. In case you make payment and miss your work in this category, you have a right to question the support.
  • In progress- Orders in this category are in the process of being completed.
  • Revision- The category involves orders that have been completed and sent to you, but you feel you need some corrections or additions.
  • Editing- Orders in this category are complete and are being checked for grammatical and plagiarism issues.
  • Completed- These are orders that the writer has finished and submitted. At this juncture, clients may ask for revisions.
  • Approved- This is after all revisions and clients are satisfied with the work.
  • Dispute- This is an order that both the writer and clients do not agree on; it could be that the client wants a revision, and the writer is feeling exploited. It is the duty of support to solve disputes.

5.    Order Payment

  • Placing an order on our website is free. However, after you accept a bid, you are required to pay for the writers to start researching your assignment. After two weeks, after the deadline, the writer is paid, the privilege of free revisions is lifted.
  • If you deposit your money in our account and decide you do not want to work with us, we can refund your payments. Kindly review our money refund guarantee policy.
  • You are responsible for paying any taxes that may come with using our services, including the Value Added Tax.
  • The location of the client may require us to add some extra fee, in such cases, we sum up the bill together with the order cost.
  • By using our website, you agree to pay the taxes within our jurisdiction.

6.    Order Processing

  • If a client needs utilization of specific materials or references in their order, they should provide all the resources to the writer.
  • Clients are advised to take the initiative to communicate with the staff or writers when their orders are in progress.
  • In case you realize you sent the wrong documents or need to make any changes, you can change the details as long as you do it in good time. Changes given when the writer is done with the research and commenced with the work are rejected.
  • Clients can also use their account to track the progress of their order.
  • A page is equivalent to 275 words, in case a client receives their order with the number of words they never ordered, they can request for revision.

7.    Order Delivery

  • Grandessay.com is responsible for the delivery of the client’s order.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they provide the right email or any details of the delivery channel. Grandessay.com will not be accountable for a failed delivery as a result of the wrong address provided. Delay as a result of slow internet does not have anything to do with us.
  • After we upload the order for the client in the agreed time, the client has to download the documents.

8.    Revision Policy

  • A client has a right to request for revision if they feel their instructions were not followed to the letter.
  • We have a right to reject multiple unnecessary revisions if the client seems to be exploiting our writer.
  • We are responsible to ensuring that the requirements of the clients are observed. However, if the client does not love the final assignment delivered, and feel their rights have been violated, we refund money following our money back guarantee.

10.    Personal Data and payment information: use and security

On more information on the personal details we collect from you, how we use the information, and how we protect the information; visit our Privacy Policy. 

11.    Account information and security

  • When registering in our website, we ask you to provide your email address and choose a password.
  • A client should keep their logins secure, and keep it a secret.
  • Any activities that happen in your account are associated with the client. You are advised to change the password of your account if you realize anything suspicious.
  • If you forget your password, click the “forgot password” button, a few details are asked to verify it’s you.

12.    Use of Grandessay.com, termination, and suspension.

  • You are allowed to only use our site for personal needs and not commercial purposes.
  • It is against our terms and conditions to use our website for illegal purposes such as;
    • Dissemination of abusive, defamatory or obscene materials or breaching laws.   
    • Transmitting materials that encourage violence or breaks any applicable rules.
    • Inconveniencing other users. 
  • Transferring or use of another author’s work without copyrights or permission from the owner.
  • If a client violates any of the above T&C, they are liable for any losses or damage that comes with the violation.
  • The support may terminate your membership on the website due to the violation of any T&C.
  • If we suspect any unusual activities in your account, we may decide to suspend your account as we investigate it. This is to prevent any damage the activities may cause.
  • In case the support realizes you are trying to poach our writers by asking them to work with you separately, we will see it as a violation of our T&C.

13.    Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”)

  • Clients have full copyright after they pay for the documents our writers draft.
  • Our clients are allowed to publish, transmit or use the information in whatever way they wish after making payments for the services.
  • IPRs in any materials that you supply to us. We are going to hold you accountable for any losses we may suffer by providing us with information that infringes the copyrights of another author. It is the responsibility of the client to see that the references, do not violate any applicable law.
  • IPRs on the Website. Any intellectual property on this website is licensed to us or owned by us.
  • Information on our site is not deemed for transfer to any user
  • Unless expressly permitted by our T&Cs copying or downloading any information on our site is considered a violation.

14.    Disclaimer and Limitation of liability

  • Grandessay.com does not promise the users that the website will meet all their needs. In case your computer does not support some equipment and technology; your access to some of our services may be limited.
  • Our website is only accessible using the World Wide Web. However, it is independent of us, and you use it at your own risk. We do not represent that the World Wide is appropriate.
  • Grandessay.com may have hyperlinks from other parties. You are advised to review their T&C before using them, or supplying them with your personal details. We are not responsible for any loss you may incur from the use of the third party sites.
  • In no case will we be responsible for the change on our website.

15.     Miscellaneous

If you bridge any of our terms and conditions and not act, we are allowed to revisit it and punish you after committing a similar or different violation.

16.  Notices.

 All the notices you may have for us should be made through the support messaging unless stated otherwise in the above T&C.

In case we need to notify you about anything we will use your personal account page, email address or display it on our website depending on the nature of the announcement.

17.    Contact Details

In case you have more queries about our site, click the “Contact Us” button and email us your questions. Our support operates 24/7.

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