Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing

You have probably heard that a thesis statement is very crucial in an essay. Why is it vital, and what role does it play in your thesis? A thesis is a statement that describes the main message/ agenda of an essay. It also helps the readers in understanding an essay because it gives the writer a chance to state their augment clearly.  A thesis statement should be clear and easy to understand.

Here are ten thesis statements to help you understand the must-haves of a thesis statement;

Emojis Negatively Affects Communication

Use of emojis in social platforms as a way of expressing how people feel has negatively affected communication. Sometimes the recipient of the emoji does not have a phone supporting the emojis hence blocking the flow of communication. In other instances, the recipient does not understand the emojis.

Talent does not necessarily imply the ability to do something

People generally view talented individuals, as individuals destined for success. However, being talented may not lead to success if the individual does not work hard enough to cultivate and grow their talent.

Music helps people become more productive at work.

Music helps in improving focus and concentration when working, and hence increase productivity to individuals. However, music is also a distraction to other people when working.

Leaders are born, not made.

Leadership is a significant factor when it comes to impacting the world and enhancing professional life. Unfortunately, as much as many schools are teaching leadership skills, the world seems to be becoming worse.

Men and women are equal.

Men and women cannot be equal because they are different. When men are people of action, women are relationship beings.

Entrepreneurship is better than employment.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, it is difficult and complicated, but the rewards are way better than employees in an office the whole day.

Social media damages personal relationships

Instead of developing social relationships, social media users spend all their time on social media.

Capitalism is short lived and will die soon

 The gap between the high class and the low class is increasing on a daily basis.

Manhood is under attack in today’s society

With the high normalizing of single parenting, boys do not have father figures to look up to, and as a result, manhood is fading away.

E-books are more readable than hardcovers and paperbacks.

Although reading books using electronic gadgets is exciting, it cannot entirely replace the relevance of hardcover books.

All the above are examples of a great thesis statement. Every student needs to understand the scope of their topic to give a good thesis. At, we are always willing to help our students in coming up with a good thesis for their essay or even complete the entire essay.

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